This Years Nobel Laureates in Economics

A couple of smarty McNerds who figured out dumb stuff like how to swap kidneys and save marriages.

Posted on 10/15/2012

This article from the the Washington Post gives us some information on these two accomplished gentlemen.


First- Al Roth


AL Roth


Roth is apparently a wiz at market design and has just moved on to work at Stanford University after several years at Harvard.  Furthermore, Roth is credited with coming up with "Kidney Swap".


"Normally, people who want to donate kidneys to a sick family member with an incompatible blood type are stuck. But Roth had the idea of pairing up such families and having them swap organs."


I'm not saying that's a big deal but that's a pretty big deal.


Then we have Lloyd Shapley

lloyd shapely


Shapley is just as accomplished as Roth.


"He is notable for having solved, with David Gale, the “stable marriage problem”: that of pairing a certain number of men and women, each of whom have ranked the members of the opposite sex, such that there is no partner with whom anyone would rather be than the one with whom they are paired."


Pretty impressive for a guy whose photo in the Washington Post looks like a mug shot.  Among his other accomplishments, he is known for his work on "game theory" (for those who may not know what "game theory" is you can read about it here).  More specifically, he created, 


"the “Shapley value,” which refers to the cumulative benefits reaped by all participants in a game in which participants are cooperating rather than competing."


Nice to know there are still people getting things done out there.  You can read the full article from the Washington Post here.

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