Unfollow, Defriend, Ban from Social Media

Think you're a person whose tweets, instagrams, or facebook updates are so obnoxious they make people want to sprint into moving traffic??? Here are some warning signs that it could be you

Posted on 10/4/2012

1. Tweeting any type of song lyric. Literally nine times out of ten no one cares if you're "Waiting for my white horse to come around :)". Honestly if you're tweet is not some clever, witty comment or some form of interesting anecdote, then your followers will be waiting for that "white horse" to trample you.

Uploading pictures like this are just as offense-worthy


My God.


2. Uploading pictures of your meals on instagram. Surprsingly, people aren't going to like the picture of eggrolls you just uploaded, no matter how many sepia filters you put on it.



3. Constant inside joke posts on friends walls. For example: Susan Wrote On Becca's Wall: "katz". Becca Wrote On Susan's Wall: "lolll what was that waiter thinking". Susan: "I miss Aspennn". Becca: ":( canwegobackplease??". Save it for text. Or wait five minutes and tell them in Art class.


...Aaaand if you're guilty of all three of those things, then maybe do your followers a favor and donate your laptop to the bottom of the swimming pool. 

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