Harrison Ford: Favorite President

Step aside Barack. Harrison Ford has been voted "Favorite President" by Movie Goers for his role in "Air Force One"

Posted on 11/7/2012

Barack may have won the actual election, but Harrison Ford's President Marshall from the film Air Force One has debuted at number one among a poll of movie-goers favorite fictional president. The poll, comissioned by The Credits, a website sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America, has Ford winning with 23% and Morgan Freeman closely behind.

The survey also opened up the voting to any actor, not just those who had played a president. Under that condition, Denzel Washington reigned supreme, followed by Morgan Freeman and a two-way tie for third between Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford. Both Eastwood and Ford were favored by Romney supporters, while women heavily favored Washington.

While obviously this is simply an entertaining poll it does arise a very important question America is wondering: When is President Obama going to kick Gary Oldman out of Air Force One mid-flight?



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