Two Movies Coming Out About History that Wont Bore the Hell Out of You

"Lincoln" vs. "Zero Dark Thirty"

Posted on 11/7/2012

This year, two films hit theatres that portray sizeable historical events, which thankfully aren't zombie apocalypses.


Brad Pitt in "World War Z", hitting theatres and box office purgatory later this year


The two films are "Lincoln" and "Zero Dark Thirty"."Lincoln" details the famed chin-strapped liberator fighting for the abolishment of slavery."Zero Dark Thirty" is a film that details the covert force on the hunt for Osama bin Laden and good old fashioned American justice.

While Lincoln's fight obviously had much more historical gravity in the big picture of things, Obama's handling of the quest for bin Laden's capture is one of the biggest instances of triumph in the last few decades. Pretty interesting to compare the sweeping epic nature of "Lincoln" to the hand-held gritty style of "Zero Dark Thirty" and the weight both have.

Even if you don't glean anything from this comparison, these are still two pretty damn good trailers.


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