I have some quick but important things to say

about the behind the scenes video for the upcoming movie 'This is 40'

Posted on 12/8/2012

First of all, I love these behind the scenes vidoes. I wish they would put out more. There's really nothing interesting happening here but it's still nice.



Second, I don't buy this "Megan Fox is hilarious" agenda they're pushing, but I'm 100% on board with the "Megan Fox is actually really cool" idea. Celebs like her who just kinda hang out in their own world and don't go looking for attention don't get enough credit. Even if she's not the comedy all-star they're hyping her up to be I'm 100% on board.


Also, this.


Megan Fox This is 40


How much money is this fucking movie gong to make? Billions!?!


Megan Fox This is 40


I love this pictue. Look at Leslie Mann's face. That's the face of someone who just realized that her director husband wrote a scene where she has to feel Megan Fox's perky and amazing breasts. While he films it. That is not a happy face. This seems like a very accurately titled movie, actually.


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