Bowerbirds tonight at The Parish

Bowerbirds tonight at The Parish with Dry the River ($15 / doors at 6:30pm). Music and tickets here, review after the jump.

Posted on 4/11/2012

The Guardian reviews Bowerbirds latest album, The Clearing:

Beth Tacular and Phil Moore – a nature-loving, woods-dwelling, earnestly creative pair who comprise two-thirds of indie folk trio Bowerbirds – are not the sort of couple on whom you'd wish calamity. But when the result of broken ribs, serious illness, break-up and reconciliation is an album as gorgeous as this, you half-wish the hardships keep coming. Their songs on this, their third record, are more expansive, bolder and stranger than those that have come before: like life, they're also messy and loosely formed, swelling and subsiding in ways that sound both slapdash and irresistibly serendipitous.


Consequence of Sound has a less than enthusiastic review of one of Bowerbirds most recent shows.

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