Daily Toreador journalists with investigative journalist award

This is so cool...Daily Toreador journalists Ioanna Makris, April Cunningham, Caroline Courtney won the Student Category Investigative Journalist and Editors Awarrd. Info after the jump.

Posted on 4/3/2012

Again, so cool.


  • "Million-Dollar Bust" The Daily Toreador, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
    Ioanna Makris, April Cunningham, Caroline Courtney

Judges’ Comments: Three student reporters took on powerful Texas Tech University alumni over a sweetheart deal to build and then lease back to the university a parking garage that wasn’t needed. Their investigation probably saved the university $1 million. The student reporters got the state’s attorney general involved in forcing documents to be released under the Texas Public Information Act. They also used emails, tax records and other documents to show the cozy relationship between members of the same fraternity who built an unnecessary private parking garage and then leased it back under a contract that put the burden of renting the spaces on Texas Tech and its alumni association. The students showed great initiative and stood their ground in the face of public criticism of their reporting. For using that criticism to dig even deeper, IRE honors The Daily Toreador and its student journalists.


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