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UCampus is hiring several positions on your campus for the Spring semester, click through for more information

Posted on 1/22/2013

UCampus is currently hiring on your campus! We're looking for current students to fill several positions for the Spring and Summer 2013 semesters related to marketing and managing the website. All current students feel free to apply!


Apply Online or via Email: You can apply online on our Work Here page (although some of the information is slightly dated), or you can email your resume and a short "about me" to Jobs@ucampus.net. (Jobs - at - ucampus - dot - net)


Site Manager

Site Managers are current students that help UCampus manage and market their school's specific UCampus website. Our Site Manager's knowledge of the school, the city, the culture and the community help us build and grow unique web communities. Site Managers help UCampus build websites from the ground up and create a local identity for each site.


We need a Site Manager to help "run the show." This is a position with set goals instead of set hours. You'll help expand our local presence, recruit new talent, and improve the information available about your city and school.


Local Author

The Local Author position is an upgraded user role that allows a student special privileges regarding posting media to the UCampus network. Authors have access to post a variety of online media to their UCampus site: links, articles, quotes, pictures, polls, and videos. Most importantly, we view our platform as an unofficial alternative to official school sponsored websites. Local authors have the freedom to express themselves how they choose.


Our author position is perfectly suited for students who want to improve their resume and get more involved with their school/city, but don't necessarily have the time for a full or part time position. Our authors contribute content when their schedule allows it - sometimes just a link to a local story or video clip from a recent win, sometimes longer feature articles. 

This is a great position for students looking to gain experience with new media platforms and/or who want to increase exposure for their won writing or blog.


Twitter Manager / Social Media Manager

We already have a very active Twitter account, but we would also like to "personalize" this experience and have one of our site managers / authors / students join our Twitter management team. If you would be interesting in adding a more personal touch to our tweets, please drop us a line.


Marketing Staff

UCampus will be running significantly more on-campus marketing events this Spring and are looking for 2-3 marketing interns to help with our social media marketing, on-campus marketing, and event planning. Please apply online or send us an email if you're interested in this position.


Sales Staff

We currently have 1-2 openings for sales interns interested in gaining real world experience working with sales and customer relations. This is a paid position (hourly plus commissions) with a very flexible schedule. Students graduating in May/August also have the potential to eventually transition into a full-time position.


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