No Prom for Kate Upton After All

After a teen crafted a video to ask out the supermodel, Ms. Upton will not be attending his prom dance as it turns out.

Posted on 3/26/2013

She had expressed some desire to do it, early on.

Last week, the internet collectively awwwwwwwed when supermodel Kate Upton tentatively agreed to go to prom with geeky California teen Jake Davidson, who asked her via YouTube video. But now she's opting out. "I just don't know if I can make it work. But I really appreciated being asked, it made me feel really great!" said Upton at The Hollywood Gossip. Don't feel too bad for Davidson: Now that he's been politely rejected by the gorgeous, seemingly unattainable girl of his dreams, he's had a truly authentic American prom experience.

Thank God.


Kate Upton.

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