Find out about the Next iPhone for a Small Fortune

For a mere $160,000, you can talk to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the new iPhone all you want...over coffee.

Posted on 4/25/2013

How bad do you want to know when the next iPhone comes out?

Want to ask Apple’s CEO when the iPhone 6 is coming out and what it’ll look like? Here’s your chance. Apple CEO Tim Cook is auctioning off the opportunity to have coffee with him in order to raise money for charity. Although the “estimated value” of the Charity Buzz auction for coffee with Cook, the latest bid is at $160,000 with twenty days left on the bidding, which means it’ll likely climb over a million dollars – quite the asking price for the mere opportunity to ask the Apple boss a bunch of questions about upcoming Apple product which he probably won’t be allowed to answer.


Tim Cook.

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