The Next XBOX is on the Horizon

Those close to the story claim that we can expect the revelation of the new XBOX system late next month.

Posted on 4/8/2013

A new XBOX and Arrested Development in the same month? I love May.

Microsoft will spill the beans on its next-generation Xbox at an event on May 21, according to at least two sources.

Originally scheduled for April, the event was pushed back to May, sources have told the Verge.

That echoes similar information from Supersite for Windows writer Paul Thurrott. In an interview with video blog "What the Tech" on Friday, Thurrott said that Microsoft was initially going to announce the new console on April 24 but rescheduled the event for May 21. In the video clip of the show, Thurrott's comments about the next Xbox start at the 54:44 mark.

The Verge's sources claim the event will be a small one offering the first details on the nextXbox, codenamed Durango. Microsoft will reportedly unveil the console at the E3 event in June and release it to consumers later in the year.

Thurrott added even more to mull over. "Durango" is likely to be expensive, he said -- $500 for the console itself and $300 for the annual Xbox Live subscription.

Can't say I'm too excited to be spending $800 though.

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